Growth Enabler

Over time, many small businesses slow down after an initial period of growth. Often, this occurs as the entrepreneur who started the business begins to assume more and more daily, tactical, administrative duties as the company grows. These are often referred to as administrative and operational responsibilities.

Before they know it, they are spending most, if not all, of their time on activities that can be best describied as "running the business" instead of "growing the business." If you are a business owner, I assure you that you prefer and enjoy "growing your business" over "running your business"

CFO On The Go specializes in geting companies growing by enabling the entrepreneur/owner/CEO to concentrate on growth activities while we take care of those tasks necessary to run their business.

Challenges of Growth

Growth is the desire to expand your business.  Into today’s every changing business environment, we are moving closer to a one-world economy that operates 24/7/365. There are many challenges to growth, but there are three that are most prevalent in all organizations.

They are:

  • Execution
  • Reputation of management
  • Staying ahead of the curve (innovation leads to growth)

Small businesses need to be agile and prepared to take advantage of growth opportunities.


CFO On The Go helps your small business to stay flexible and allows you the time to look outside your business in order to see those growth opportunities and prepare, plan, and execute to take full advantage of them.