CFO On The Go is committed to providing high-quality, reasonably priced, fractional or shared CFO services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our goal is to enable owners and entrepreneurs to concentrate on growth activities while providing peace of mind that finance and accounting for their companies are being managed regularly, consistently and, most important, accurately. Growth activities may include the development of:

  • Merchandise or commodities (for a wholesaler or retailer of products)
  • Services (for a non-manufacturing provider)
  • Sales (for a seller of products or services looking to expand)
  • Markets (for companies looking to create new areas or penetrate existing segments)
  • Employees (for businesses focused on growth from within)
  • New customers (for organizations seeking to attract a different base)


    We believe in delivering excellence in the assistance we provide to our clients

    We believe in conducting our business with the highest ethics and morals

    We believe in providing innovative leadership and utilizing the best technology available

    We believe in social responsibility to our local community